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SVETLO \ LED \ Divadlo,TV

GLOW-UP STRIP 100 [CP C71080]

Výrobca: CLAY PAKY

GlowUp Strip 100 is a LED bar for professional stage lighting, with mixed battery/mains power supply and mixed cable/wireless control. 10 powerful RGB-W multi-chip LEDs are arranged in a line inside a 100 cm linear aluminium housing suitable for outdoors use (IP65). The fixture creates a curtain of brightly colored light, with a beam angle that can be adjusted from 14° to 70° using an electronic motorized zoom.The LEDs can be controlled separately in groups of 5, and the original “white power saving” function helps optimize power consumption.Thanks to its battery and wireless control, GlowUp Strip100 is particularly suitable for use in temporary events and tours. The batteries allow 10 hours of operation (at maximum consumption) and they are recharged when the bar is put into its flight case (fast charge) or when directly connected to the mains. The bar can be connected to a DMX console via cable or through the built-in DMX wireless device. It can however also operate without any external controller with a master/ slave configuration, using one of the many preset color sequences or a user-defined color sequence, uploaded in its DMX-recorder. The unit operates in any position, can be placed on the ground or anchored to a structure and it features two convenient handles to ease transport. Several bars can be placed in a line or in a matrix, keeping the distance between the LEDs fixed. - Power supplies: Internal battery (full power battery life: 10 hours) - Light source: 10 X 10W RGBW Ostar LEDs (OSRAM) - Distance between LEDs: 100 mm - Rated light output: 3000 lumen - The color of the LEDs can be controlled separately in groups of 5 (left and right) - DMX-controlled electronic motorized zoom: 14°-70° - Optional diffuser or ovalizer filters, which may be adjusted to provide a beam of light with controllable width - Dimmer: linear from 0 to 100% on a dedicated channel - Adjustable speed stop/strobe effect, with instantaneous blackout - Silent operation - Preset color and effect macro - Wireless DMX: Tx/RX operating modes - IP65 protection rating (IP65 protection socket cover) - Flight case for 4 bars with mains power socket for battery charger - Dimensions (L×W×H): 1000×113×228 mm (39.37×4.44×8.97 in) - Weight: 15 kg (33 lbs)

Hmotnost: 15,00 kg

Kategorie RP 5.SV
Cena: Dotaz
Stav zásob:Dotaz


Omega bracket kit for GlowUp [CP C71110]
Roxter-case for 4 Glow-up strip 100 with battery charge [CP F21250]
W-DMX transmitter For GlowUp and GlowUp Strip 100 [CP B10153]

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